Holy Greetings:

It is my esteemed pleasure to extend greetings to you and your family. We have overcome many challenges to come to where we are today. Our God is an awesome God and infinitely wise in all of His doings; especially how He has preserved us for such a time as this. It is a tremendous time in the Kingdom. The wind of the Holy Spirit comes to breath restoration in the lives of the people of God.

It is time for us to unite together on one accord, uniting our gifts, talent, and resources as we labor in the Kingdom of God side by side, and be effective in the administration of Kingdom building. I look forward to the fresh new things that God has in store for us for the next few years, and welcome the opportunity for renewed covenant relationship with each of you.

I now release the blessing of abundance of prosperity into each of our lives. May Grace keep you in perfect peace.​

​                                                                                          Yours in His Service,

                                              Elder Dr. James O. Bivins

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