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                                       Marriage and Counseling                            

Biblical Marriage Counseling​​.

                                    COUNSELING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY CONTACT DR. JAMES BIVINS @ 443.467.3478

                                      Minister Glenda F. Soso @ 443.983.2934

     To join a man and woman together in holy matrimony is an honorable estate, instituted of God in the time of man’s innocence, signifying unto us the mystical union that exists between Christ and His Church. However, we understand that men and women have a sin nature that can result in marital problems that may include: 

     Infidelity   Broken Trust  The Silent Treatment  Poor Communication   Midlife Crisis  Failed Experiences Emotional Neglect Emotional Abuse Emotional Infidelity Lack of Appreciation  Stubbornness and Separation.

     These marriage issues, and many other not mentioned above, can become very painful and lead to anger, depression, loneliness, bitterness, isolation and brokenness.

     Our clinicians work from models integrating effective counseling strategies with biblical truth. Christian counseling encourages spiritual growth and emotional healing while assisting people in developing a closer relationship with God and others.

"These session will be conducted by Certified Biblical Counselors." 

For an appointment, contact Dr. James O. Bivins @ 443.467.3478, or

For Deaconess Sharon D. Foster @ 410.336.5423

For Minister Glenda F. Soso @ 443.983.2934

First, we must realize God did not intend for something modeled after his relationship with the Church to include these feeling and emotions. With that understanding, we must seek restoration through God. At Empowerment Temple COGBF, we provide instructions for getting back on track using a proven method - the Bible. The Bible points us to all we need to grow in Christ and in our marriage. Through study, proper application of God's Word, and reliance on the Holy Spirit, couple can find the peace and wholeness God intended for their lives. Marriage counseling will be done by a pastor, or a train associate.